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Angel Gonzalez
CMO & Co-Founder

Advisor Websites helps financial advisors stand out and grow their business online with conversion-friendly, personalized websites and targeted digital marketing solutions.


Discover how to build a personalized email marketing strategy that will help skyrocket business growth.

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Discover what email automation is and how you can use it to deepen relationships with prospects and clients.

The key to warming up prospects and staying top-of-mind with authentic email marketing and automation.

How to leverage audience data to personalize the customer experience, driving more engagement, conversions, and client retention.

Real-life insights and examples from FinTech experts on best practices when combining email automation with personalization.

Email Automation Webinar!

Skyrocket Business Growth With a Personalized Email Automation Strategy

Watch The Webinar Replay & Learn How To Skyrocket Business Growth!

Do you know how to send the right message, to the right prospect, at the right time?

The good news is that you don’t have to be a mind reader to land relevant emails in the inbox of your prospects when they’re most likely to convert.

In fact, all you have to do is watch the replay from our past webinar from September 15th at 12 pm ET and you’ll discover how financial advisors can skyrocket business growth with a personalized email automation strategy.

What We Will Cover

Janelle Alarie
Email Marketing & Automation Specialist

Michael Lecours
CFP & Co-Founder

Michael Lecours, CFP® is a Co-Founder of fpPathfinder. He is also a financial advisor and planner at the Wealth Strategies Team. Michael began his career in advertising where he worked to develop marketing strategies for insurance companies, banks, credit unions, RIAs and hedge funds. 

Now, he leverages his background in advertising to distill complex financial planning concepts into straightforward strategies, apply behavioral finance concepts to the planning process and injects a disciplined approach to all facets of the client experience. He has been featured in the Journal of Financial Planning


Jenna Ghibaudy
SDR Manager

Wealthbox is a leading CRM software application that helps financial advisors manage their clients and collaborate as a team. Integrated with custodial platforms and complementary wealth-tech products, Wealthbox’s modern product design offers simplicity in the user experience that’s combined with powerful CRM features. Wealth management firms, advisor networks, and broker-dealers use Wealthbox to help them serve clients, streamline operations, and grow their businesses. 


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Anand Sheth
CEO & Founder

Pulse360 is a software to help financial advisors automate and streamline creating client deliverables - from meeting prep agendas, follow-ups, client-to-dos, annual summaries and more.

Get time back to do what you do best - be in front of a client vs. in front of a computer creating deliverables from scratch and reinventing the wheel every time.


Snappy Kraken is an automated growth program that combines technology, content, and education to help financial advisers expand market share while simultaneously delivering higher quality experiences for existing clients.